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Appendix cancer treatments

Appendix cancer is typically treated with surgery or surgery in combination with chemotherapy. The type of surgery recommended depends on the type and stage of the cancer.


Appendix cancer is primarily treated with surgery. The type of surgical procedure performed varies depending on the type and location of the tumor, whether it is contained or has spread, as well as the patient’s general health. Surgeries to treat appendix cancer include:

Hemicolectomy is the surgical removal of a portion of the colon located near the appendix, along with nearby lymph nodes and blood vessels.

Cytoreductive surgery (commonly known as debulking surgery) may be recommended to treat late-state appendix cancer by removing as much of the tumor bulk as possible, and may be followed by chemotherapy to destroy residual cancer cells.

Peritonectomy removes the peritoneum (the lining of the abdomen) to treat slow-growing, low-grade appendix cancer that has spread beyond the colon to other areas of the abdomen.


In the case of appendix cancer, chemotherapy—anticancer drugs taken orally or intravenously—is most often used in combination with surgery to improve outcomes. Chemotherapy drugs are designed to slow or stop the growth of rapidly dividing cancer cells that form tumors.

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