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Adrenal cancer stages

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Staging adrenal cancer is a critical component when formulating a treatment plan. Having an accurate stage, or progression, of the disease is the foundation.

We perform a variety of diagnostic tests to design a detailed treatment plan customized for each patient. If you are seeking a second opinion, we will review your pathology to confirm your diagnosis and staging information and develop your personalized treatment plan. If your cancer has returned, we will perform comprehensive testing to identify a treatment approach tailored to your needs. Adrenal cancers are diagnosed in one of the following stages:

Stage I (stage 1 adrenal cancer): The tumor is smaller than 2 inches (5 centimeters) and has not spread beyond the adrenal gland.

Stage II (stage 2 adrenal cancer): The tumor is larger than 2 inches (5 centimeters) but has not yet spread.

Stage III (stage 3 adrenal cancer): The tumor has spread into nearby tissues or lymph nodes. Size is not a factor.

Stage IV (stage 4 adrenal cancer): The tumor may be any size, and tumors have spread throughout the body.

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