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What major do you want to be a programmer?

You are interested in programming but do not know what programmers study, what should be prepared, how to study and where to study? The following article will help you clarify these concerns!

At the beginning of 2019, experts have reported that Vietnam's IT human resources market has a shortage of 70,000 - 90,000 employees and forecast that this figure will be 100,000 in 2020 and 190,000 by 2021. Although the whole world is going through a global pandemic causing enormous loss of life and property, the recruitment demand for the IT industry in general & programming in particular is certainly not much of a change. develop stronger. 

programming industry

If you are wondering what to study as a programmer, the answer for you is that you can start programming with just a short programming language course.
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1. So, how is the programmer industry & what major do programmers study?

Programming is one of the most important jobs in the IT field. Not everyone learning IT can program & vice versa, not everyone who can program is also a programmer. 

In English, "programmer" is interpreted by three terms: "programmer" (who created the program), "coder" (who wrote the code) and "developer" (the developer). In a nutshell, a "programmer" is the  person who builds, writes code and develops a software program for a computer or an application for mobile devices involving many other tasks. together. 

There are many ways you can become a programmer, but the same word "learn". 

If you want to go deeper into your research, you can choose a faculty in technology schools or a programming major in the information technology science / institute of University of Technology, University of Posts and Telecommunications or Natural Science - National University ... This is the cradle of training for leading technology engineers in Vietnam with valuable research works. 

The formal training system of Colleges and Universities is often divided differently, training types are also diverse, but there will usually be a number of familiar programming majors as follows:

  • Computer Science: This is a programmatic discipline that focuses on theoretical perspectives related to mathematics and logic. You will have access to jobs related to very "trendy" terms such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (Machine Learning) ... 
  • Computer Engineering: This is a specialization combining Electronics & IT to provide you with knowledge of hardware and software systems. From there you can build and design suitable systems to meet the operational needs of hardware devices.
  • Software engineering: This is the programming profession that you should apply for if you really pursue a career you pursue as a programmer. This course will give you the basic knowledge, exactly about the process or skills needed to build & develop a computer software. 
  • Information systems : In this industry, you will learn about the process of collecting and processing information, learn about related devices, acquire skills in analysis, evaluation and learn how to design systems. Information management and operation so that valuable results can be obtained from the collected information. 
  • Computer Networking & Telecommunication : This course guides learners in the knowledge of network system administration. After graduation, you will become a network designer for banks, network providers or data centers. If you still like programming, you can become a network software designer and developer. 
  • Computer Vision (Computer Vision) Cybernetics: Like Computer Science, this major is research-oriented and is often reserved for those who want to go into research with mind and speed. mathematically or logically sensitive. 

2. What subjects should a developer learn?

a. Basic knowledge about the programming industry

Fundamental knowledge is always the best starting point. It's like building a tall building, the higher you want to go, the deeper you need to dig your foundation. To become a programmer and thrive in your career, you must have an overview of these programmers.

b. Programming language

This is the next big part of when you get into programming. Without language you would not be able to convey a message to anyone or save any stories. So is the computer! To be able to communicate with a computer, you need to read and converse in its language. 

What major is the programmer studying?

Similar to human language, computer language is very diverse and rich: Python, C #, Go, C ++, Java, PHP ...

c. Learn programming application trends



If before, we only knew about web programming and then application programming, then we have mobile programming and now IoT programming. Information technology is an industry with the same growth rate as the speed of light. Just one night go to sleep, the next morning when you wake up you have seen some new step posted. As a contributor to the growth of this field, you cannot skip this part. 

If your first step into a programming career with a solid background, you are good at communicating with the computer & its "community" thanks to knowing many different languages, then step 3 - learn & grasp Programming application trends are sure to take you to the top of the industry. 

3. How to learn programming in the fastest way?

In fact, in addition to attending a full-time university - college in IT, you can completely become a programmer by taking a short course & improving your own knowledge. by personal projects or participating in open-source projects (open-source projects). 

What major is the programmer studying?

The courses are designed for the purpose of the learner with many valuable incentives that will help you set foot on the career path without having to worry about the question: "What is a programmer studying?"
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Lots of technology training centers opened up. The courses are designed in a variety of formats with a variety of timeframes to help students choose easily, meeting the needs and desires of both novices and long-experienced people who want to hone their careers. Karma. One of the places you can check out is Nordic Coder - a training center for programming and related skills.

What major is the programmer studying?

Nordic Coder - one of the programming training centers still operating well during the epidemic season thanks to the online class system with many useful courses suitable for learners' purposes.

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