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What is quantum security technology? How safe is it to be equipped with Vsmart Aris and Aris Pro?

Bank passwords, messages, call lists, ... are always important personal data to the phone user . If you accidentally fall into the wrong hands, there will be huge consequences, let's learn about what quantum security technology is and why this technology is integrated into two Vsmart phone models  ,  Vsmart Aris and Vsmart. Aris Pro will help bring the security of your data.

Vsmart Aris Pro
Vsmart Aris Pro is one of the modern smartphones that are applied quantum security technology.

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Fingerprints, irises, or faces are not safe enough

Really this is just the first layer of lock to ensure the safety of your phone. Or for example, this is a door into your house. The door can only lock up the upright, but thieves will never choose that route, but will use other means to achieve the goal.

Your data is the same as your home. Just a reinforced, safe entrance door is not enough, we also need additional safety measures for these objects. These data will exist in the form of letters, numbers and possibly bank passwords, text messages, health data, call lists, ...

Traditional security is not enough to guarantee data security
Traditional security is not enough to ensure data security. Source: Internet.

But if it is displayed in such a standard format, any hacker after obtaining the package can easily exploit your data. Instead of being in standard form, data will be encoded into numbers and characters that look meaningless. For example, THEGIOIDIDONG in encoded form would be TOPA (@_ 780123OOQO.

But even though it is called nonsense, but these encryption algorithms still create sequences of characters with certain rules. For example, the algorithm might use 5 random characters, combining the same current time or location to generate a key sequence. As long as a computer is powerful enough, it is possible to reverse this algorithm.

At the end of 2019, Google announced a new 54-qubit Sycamore quantum processor with the ability to perform as many computations in 200 seconds as the most modern supercomputer in 10,000 years. So cracking today's modern encryption algorithms will be a simple matter.

Quantum computers can easily break any key chain according to today's conventional algorithms
Quantum computers can easily break any key chain according to today's conventional algorithms. Source: Google.

To deal with that situation, manufacturers will create a specialized chip to encrypt, generate random chains and store your important information and data. This chip will function independently of the rest of the system. Even when the operating system is compromised and modified, the above-mentioned separate chip still ensures data is safe.

How quantum security chip works

Quantum chips work similarly to traditional encryption mechanisms by creating a chain of keys to encrypt all of your important personal data. The only difference is that this key chain will generate true random lines of characters, not just algorithmically, so reverse transcription for decoding is impossible.

Describe how quantum security chip works
Describe how quantum security chip works. Source: Internet.

The quantum security chip uses an LED bulb that emits a random number of photons that travel through an image sensor. This movement will generate a sequence of coarse random numbers. Then, this sequence continues to go through an algorithm that generates random bits of data and this data is combined with the algorithm provided by Google to create a random data warehouse to use for the system.

With such a complex code-making mechanism, this chip is capable of quantum computing many times faster than traditional semiconductor chips, thereby creating true random chains that cannot be decoded. As a result, your data security will be much improved. 

Vsmart Aris is the first phone line in Vietnam to apply modern quantum security technology

Through the above advantages of quantum security method, we have partially envisioned this modern technology on Aris or Aris Pro phones. By cooperating with a company specializing in quantum security, ID Quantique (Switzerland), VinSmart has become one of the first manufacturers to apply quantum security chips on smartphones.

Quantum security will be the future to ensure data security
Quantum security will be the future to ensure data security.

Aris Vsmart phones use Quantis QRNG IDQ250C2 chip for smartphones, with the advantage of being small in size, consuming less energy. According to VinSmart, 3rd party applications can also exploit the security power of the quantum chip on the Vsmart Aris product line to enhance security features for those applications. As a result, our data will become more secure.

Quantum security will be an even more powerful technology in the future and we have also started to join in Vietnam in this journey. 

And you now probably have an interesting understanding of technology. If you have any questions or questions that need answers, feel free to leave a comment below.

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