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Switching: Buy cryptocurrencies with CC, Pay with local banks, Swap and sell coins online

Currently, the cryptocurrency market is witnessing staggering growth and widespread adoption around the world. Digital and crypto conversion give you the freedom to deploy cryptocurrency in everyday life. However, one thing that deserves attention is how to choose a reliable online cryptocurrency exchange without fear of losing money due to fraud or poor service provision? The following article describes the main platforms while choosing to buy or sell coins with reference to the licensed cryptocurrency exchange

High demand for reliable and solid online cryptocurrency exchange services
If the core goal is to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit card or convert USD to BTC to diversify the existing financial portfolio, then the best option is to use online cryptocurrency exchange services ( about 5 minutes to buy cryptocurrency). Similar concerns if the person is willing to sell BTC at the competitive rate and the perfect timing - choose a licensed and reputable cryptocurrency exchange that offers both of these options (buy and sales) because by doing so, the financial risk is minimized. Also, if one is set up to speculate on the market about cryptocurrency price movements, then crypto trading platforms are the best variant.

Purchase of cryptocurrencies at a regulated and licensed Crypto Exchange
For any cryptocurrency exchange, obtaining a license from the virtual currency exchange service provider is a must. If you know success is a certainty, what will you try to do? Exactly - choose a licensed and reputable cryptocurrency exchange as it's perfect for both professionals and novices. The main idea behind Switchere is to make the process of buying, selling, and swapping cryptocurrencies for all platform users as easy as an online shopping tour.

Buy Bitcoin and Altcoins at the AML / KYC Compliant Crypto Exchange

All AML / KYC claiming cryptocurrency exchanges maintain the lowest fraud rates. All licensed exchange service providers fully comply with all regulatory requirements (GDPR, CFT, AML / KYC, etc.). Today, buying Bitcoin and altcoins at fully licensed and AML-compliant cryptocurrency exchanges is a golden rule for cryptocurrencies.

Easy to use USD to Bitcoin converter with no hidden fees

Today, people can buy BTC with any credit, debit or prepaid card (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, etc.) - this is the fastest and most convenient way to buy electricity bills. death. However, it's really important to pay attention to service prices and make sure there are no hidden commissions charged on the payment form. Find transparent and simple service providers and make sure all bank card payments are 3DS (PCI SSC standard). As an alternative to a USD to Bitcoin converter, there is a good opportunity to swap one cryptocurrency for another. Therefore, always look for multi-currency possibilities (BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, XRP, DASH, etc.) and flexible payment methods (region-specific online banking, e-wallets). , SWIFT, SEPA, bank transfer, etc.) that suits you best. Life has so many options, so choose wisely.

Easy workflow, seamless order processing and fast delivery

When it comes to choosing a perfect location for a cryptocurrency exchange, the key factors that come into play are ease of use and on-time delivery. The referral process won't take long, and verification should be automated at most— 15 minutes. Medium. These are the decisive factors for establishing great customer loyalty and a seamless user experience. In addition, fast order processing (about 2-30 minutes) creates more prestige and trust for service providers.

Global reach, accessibility and interoperability
For a licensed cryptocurrency exchange service provider, the regions of operation must include Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, and South America. The list of restricted locations may only be limited to high-risk countries as determined by FATF. Going global means more local. The process of buying, selling or exchanging cryptocurrencies should be an enjoyable online shopping tour coupled with fast transaction processing, simple and intuitive user interface, and proven reliability. prove.

Top security and data encryption standards

The biggest concern for anyone using the services of an online cryptocurrency exchange is the likelihood of a fraud or hack due to poor security standards. It's important to look for the following features that are enabled on any solid and reliable cryptocurrency exchange:

1) Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), such as Google Authenticator, Authy, Yubikey or SMS;
2) Email and SMS notifications;
3) SSL / TLS advanced encryption standard;
4) Auto logout doesn't work.
5) Complex authentication image.
6) White list of wallet addresses.
Ongoing loyalty programs, frequent discounts and special offers

In layman's terms, customer loyalty is the customer's willingness to interact with or buy from a particular company on a regular basis. Consumers who are already passionate about a particular brand or brand are more likely to continue using cryptocurrency exchange services. Reward programs may include affiliate / referral / partner programs (passive income for participants can be up to 70%), special offers, discounts, and promotional codes Trade for reduced service commissions, welcome bonuses and free deposits, among other programs. Obviously, Switchere offers its customers a unique cashback program (up to 1%) on every successful order payment. Besides that, the crypto exchange runs a 2-level Affiliate program where platform users can earn affiliate rewards (55% and 5%) for primary and secondary referrals, respectively. On top of that, every newly enrolled user can pay for the first order with no service fees. As a result, excellent loyalty programs help establish brand loyalty and customer recognition.

Self-study (DYOR)
Doing your own research (DYOR) is one of the most important aspects of participating in the crypto market - and not just about online cryptocurrency exchanges. Find exact customer reviews, user ratings and feedback, and track media exposure for a particular crypto exchange. A thorough study can prove especially valuable for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies, DeFi, dApps, bitcoin mining, etc.

In a nutshell, keep in mind all of the points mentioned above and always consider all the pros and cons when dealing with your finances. Seamless user experience, automated verification, fast order processing, licensing and accreditation, reputation, top security standards, loyalty program are among the most important things to see when choosing a reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Dream big, act quickly, and create your own path to success in the rapidly evolving digital world.

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