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MacBook Air debut: brand new Apple Silicon M1 processor, SSD 2 times faster, 18 hours battery life, price 23 million

MacBook Air launched

Apple in the "One More Thing" event has officially introduced a new MacBook Air with its own Apple Silicon M1 processor. Despite major changes on the inside, Apple hasn't changed the MacBook Air line's name.

Apple introduced the MacBook Air with its self-designed Apple Silicon M1 processor, which delivers 3.5 times faster CPU performance, while GPU performance is up to 5 times faster than its predecessor. Power from Apple Silicon M1 for MacBook Air is capable of editing multiple 4K videos at the same time without any problems.

MacBook Air launched

Apple claims the new MacBook Air is 3x faster than any Windows laptop , and 98% faster than all existing PCs. The SSD drive inside the new MacBook Air is twice as fast thanks to the dedicated storage controller located in the Apple Silicon M1.

The Apple House has also completely removed the heatsink fan from the new Mac, a completely silent, fanless design. 

MacBook Air launched

Battery life is also a big upgrade for the new MacBook Air, which can browse the web for 15 hours or watch video for 18 hours straight, an increase of more than 6 hours over the existing Intel chip.

The new MacBook Air supports the Thunderbolt 3 standard, comes with Magic Keyboard and Touch ID keyboard, and also has the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard.

MacBook Air launched

Unfortunately, not many design changes have been applied to the new MacBook Air, the edges of the screen remain the same, the body of the new MacBook Air is still quite glossy.

Despite the huge increase in performance, the new MacBook Air still has a starting price of $ 999 (about 23 million), even cheaper to students than 100 USD (about 2.3 million).

MacBook Air launched

The new MacBook Air marks the beginning of Apple's transition away from the Intel microprocessors in the Mac. Since June 2020, Apple has revealed plans to start using its own custom Apple Silicon processor in Macs, promising industry-leading performance per watt. At the time, Apple said it would take about 2 years for the transition to complete.

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