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Learn about Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor, the most popular chip on smartphones and tablets

You have often heard about Snapdragon processors on your  phone  but you are not sure. In this article, we will learn some definitions, explain and introduce about Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor, the second most popular chip in the smartphone and tablet market.

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What is Snapdragon?

Snapdragon processor. Source:

As you all know  computers  require a microprocessor to compute all the processes. The processor is known as the "Heart of the Computer". Similarly, mobile phones also require a processor to calculate tasks, and the processor is also one of the factors that determine whether your phone is running smoothly or not.

The microprocessor on a phone is called a SoC (System On Chip). On the market today there are many processor manufacturers such as Qualcomm,  Samsung , Mediatek. In particular, Qualcomm is one of the smartphone technology firms specializing in providing the leading processor today. The company has named its chip Snapdragon and is collectively known as Qualcomm Snapdragon. Snapdragon processor includes many components such as: CPU (central processing unit), GPU (graphics core), RAM, processor display screen, camera image processing….

Chip components
Components of the Snapdragon chip. Source:

Snapdragon processor uses ARM architecture, which is the most developed microprocessor architecture on mobile devices thanks to its compact, energy-saving and high-performance features. Initially, Snapdragon processors were only used by smartphone manufacturers. But now, thanks to its reliability and performance, high-end Snapdragon processors like the 835 are also being used as a replacement for the Intel and AMD processors on two laptops, the HP Envy x2 and ASUS. NovaGo.

When it comes to a Snapdragon processor we will talk about the specs of that chip, specifically all factors such as how many cores the CPU has, which GPU speed, which GPU uses, and which fast charging support No, does dual camera support, maximum screen resolution?

Chip specifications
Snapdragon 810 and 820 specifications. Source:

Saying an octa-core Snapdragon means an 8-core CPU. The number of cores does not represent the power of that processor, but also depends on many factors such as speed (clock speed), type of core, RAM technology, process (14 nm, 10 nm, 7 nm ... ).

Snapdragon chips that you may not know?

Currently, Snapdragon is divided into 5 processor lines for each smartphone segment, defined by name: Snapdragon xxx, in which the first x represents the segment (Snapdragon 8xx, 7xx, 6xx, 4xx, 2xx) The following 2 x represent the chip line.

Snapdragon chips
Snapdragon chips. Source: Qualcomm.

Snapdragon 2xx

Introduced by Qualcomm to solve entertainment needs but still ensure extremely good battery life, the chips all have from 2 to 4 cores, maximum clock speed is 1.4 GHz, Adreno 302 graphics chip and is produced on a 28 nm process.

In addition, the Snapdragon 2xx series also supports 3G high-speed HSPA + connection, with a maximum speed of up to 21 Mb / s. Supports 2 front and rear cameras up to 8 MP. Quick Charge 1.0 technology helps the machine charge 40% faster.

Chip specifications 200 & 210
Snapdragon 200 & 210 specifications. Source:

Snapdragon 215 is the typical chip of the Snapdragon 2xx series, which supports 64-bit CPU with four Cortex-A53 1.3 GHz cores, 50% faster when compared to the Snapdragon 212. Besides, the GPU is also upgraded to Adreno version. The 308 is similar to the Snapdragon 425 processor, resulting in 25% faster performance.

Snapdragon 215
Snapdragon 215 specifications. Source: Qualcomm.

The Snapdragon 2xx series is intended for low-cost smartphones to ensure the configuration is enough to meet the basic needs of use. Currently, thanks to the strong growth of Chinese manufacturers, mid-range devices are being sold at extremely low prices, so it is difficult to find a Snapdragon 2xx smartphone on the rarest market. is  Vsmart Star 3  with Snapdragon 215.

Snapdragon 4xx

Equipped on devices in the low-end segment at affordable prices. At the same time, it is also preferred for smartwatch product lines.

The Snapdragon 410 in this series is Qualcomm's first 64-Bit mobile processor, equipped with Adreno 306 GPU, 4G LTE Cat 4 modem and is capable of processing photos at resolutions up to 13 MP.

Snapdragon 4xx
Snapdragon 410 belongs to the 4xx series. Source:

Snapdragon 460 is the first 4xx series chip to have "performance" cores, namely, 4 powerful Cortex-A73 cores and 4 Cortex-A53 power-saving cores. The Snapdragon 460 is also equipped with an Andreno 610 GPU found on the higher-end Snapdragon 665.

This provides a 60% performance improvement over previous Snapdragon 4xx series chips, meaning it can deliver a smoother gaming experience, and support more advanced games and emulators. for mid-range phones.

Snapdragon 460 specifications. Source:

Some smartphones on the market today are equipped with Snapdragon 4xx series today such as:  Samsung Galaxy A11 ,  Vivo Y11 ,  Samsung Galaxy A01 ….

Snapdragon 6xx

This is the preferred choice for mobile manufacturers when equipping mid-range smartphones with extremely smooth performance. Qualcomm is proud that the 6xx series brings a very good experience for users from the ability to receive and play videos up to 4K resolution. Camera with preeminent features, multi-channel audio. Snapdragon 615 is Qualcomm's first octa-core processor.

Snapdragon 675 is the first chip from Qualcomm to be produced on 11 nm process and uses Cortex-A76 core to optimize gaming performance better. In addition, the Snapdragon 675 also integrates a graphics chip, improves AI performance up to 50%, supports fast charging QC 4.0 as well as the latest Bluetooth 5.0.

Snapdragon 675 specs
Snapdragon 675 specifications. Source:

The popular smartphones equipped with Snapdragon 6xx series today such as:  Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 ,  Vsmart Joy 4 ,  Realme 7i ….

Snapdragon 7xx

This is the chip line born to replace the mid-range Snapdragon 6xx chip. Qualcomm's high-end chip line inherits many outstanding features from the high-end Snapdragon 8xx series. With a cheaper price but the advantages such as: Produced on a new energy-efficient process, accompanied by a high-performance Adreno GPU and built-in 5G Modem, which high-end chips like Snapdragon 865+ also Not available.

7xx Series chips
Snapdragon 7xx series. Source:

Snapdragon 765G is a step forward of the 7xx series, with power not inferior to Snapdragon 855, even built-in 5G. Although it is an alternative, it does not mean that the 765G is completely inferior. Putting on the balance table with Snapdragon 865, 765G does not feel too weak in performance, graphics or AI processing capabilities, ... This loss can be balanced when the price of Snapdragon 765G is only half the price with Snapdragon 865 5G.

Evaluate the power of Snapdragon 765G. Source: Nanoreview.

Some machines are equipped with this chip line such as:  Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S ,  Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC ,  Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro ….

Snapdragon 8xx

This is Qualcomm's flagship chip line. Possessing the most powerful processing capabilities and selected for the most high-end smartphones of manufacturers, at the moment Snapdragon 865+ is the most powerful chip in the 8xx series and is available on very new Android flagship models coming out in 2020.

Recently, Qualcomm's most powerful chip, the Snapdragon 888, was released. With built-in 5G MODEM and Quick Charge 5. This is the first chip to use the commercial Cortex-X1 core, accompanied by an Adreno 660 GPU with 20% more powerful performance. The Snapdragon 888 supports a 144 Hz Quad-HD display, manufactured on an energy-efficient 5 nm process. Improved usage time for better user.

Snapdragon 888
Snapdragon 888. Source:

The flagship models that promise to use the powerful Snapdragon 888 launched next year are Xiaomi Mi 11 ,  Xiaomi Redmi K40 Pro ...

What makes smartphone manufacturers always favoring Snapdragon chips?

In the current smartphone market,  Apple  only uses one type of A-series, and the Android smartphone world today has a lot of companies producing chips such as Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek, .... However, Qualcomm's Snapdragon new is the first choice of manufacturers and users. So why are Snapdragon chips so trusted?

This is because of the extremely high performance and stability thanks to the Kryo central processor chip customized from ARM's Cortex processor core, graphics processing ability from Adreno chip, Spectra image processing chip. and always be integrated with many new technologies.

Thanks to the popularity of the Snapdragon line of chips, programmers always give priority to software written on Snapdragon chips, which has won the trust of users and smartphone manufacturers.

Qualcomm Snapdragon offers smooth, stable performance. Source:

In addition to providing smooth performance, Snapdragon is also trusted because it is produced by the giant Qualcomm, the world's leading chip maker, a reputable and reliable brand from the US. And for me, the chip manufactured by the American brand has always been my priority over other chips from China or Korea and probably will have many friends like me.


Above is an overview of Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor lineup. Currently, Snapdragon chips are increasingly upgraded and developed. And is widely used by many leading smartphone manufacturers. Do not forget to leave your comments on the Snapdragon series below to share with you and everyone.

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