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How to change subject, content of received email in Microsoft Outlook

Usually when you receive email from Microsoft Outlook or any other email service, there will be subject and content of the email. However, with Microsoft Outlook, you can completely change the subject of an email or even the content of a received email to something, or add a note to the email body to make it easy to remember and recognize. This will save you from having to find emails when you need them, but just look at the email subject we changed earlier. We do not need to install additional applications or support tools but immediately use features already in Microsoft Outlook. The following article will guide you to change subject of email received in Microsoft Outlook.

Instructions to change subject, content of email Microsoft Outlook

Step 1:

Open the interface of Microsoft Outlook and then navigate to the email you received. Then double-click on the current subject of the email and enter the new subject text you want to change. Click the Save icon in the top left corner to save a new subject for the email.

Edit title

Step 2:

To change the email content in Microsoft Outlook, we click Action on the toolbar at Microsoft Outlook interface and then select Edit Message in the drop-down list to change the email content.

Change email content

Step 3:

Click on existing email content and then you can add new email content or edit existing email content depending on your purpose. Finally, click the Save icon to save the email content in the new Microsoft Outlook is finished.

Change email content

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