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A beginner's guide to Python - Practical application of Python

For most people, choosing the first programming language can be a little difficult. However, I tell you Python is a great place to start learning programming .

Python is a very popular programming language (the 2nd language is loved by Stackoverflow statistics, and Python lun has been in the top 5 for many years according to TIOBEC statistics). Python is used in many large companies including Google, SpaceX, and Instagram in data cleaning, data analysis, building AI models, building web applications ... Python is different from many other languages ​​with its flexibility. Python has a very active developer community.

Here is an example using Python Hello World:
print (" Hello world ")
" `

Let's compare it to another Java language:
"` `
public class HelloWorld {
public static void main (String [] args) {
System.out.println (" Hello world ")
" '

As you can see Python needs a lot less code than Java.

Practical application of Python

One of the best ways to choose a programming language is to look out there and see how many companies and applications are built on this programming language. We'll take a look at some Python examples:

1. Hollywood Art: If you are a fan of watching epic movies with explosive explosions, eye-catching effects, Python is behind the other performance. Companies like Lucas film's Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) use Python to build apps and companies to build a effects system capable of responding to the ever-changing needs of film.

2. File-Sharing: Dropbox was built in 2007 in Python. Up to now, Dropbox has invited the Python founder to work in its company. And Python is currently used to build desktop applications with an extremely good experience and is stable on all platforms Mac, Win, Linux over 10 years.

3. Web application: Startup uses Python to build web apps: Instagram, Youtube, Spotify. And then in the development phase, they are constantly using Python in other areas such as: data science, devops, managing data pipelines.

4. Artificial Intelligence: Python is a very popular language in the AI ​​community, largely thanks to its ease of use and flexibility. For example, within a few hours, they can build a simple chatbot that can answer frequently asked questions from customers. To do this, you can use Python, scrape the content of customer responses, find common contexts through visualization, and then build a predictive model for the chatbot. Besides, with a rich library system, Python becomes the most ideal language for artificial intelligence.

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